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10.07.2013 10:32

The website of the project "videoprobki" published three new webcams that are set in Odessa!

Odessa webcams Webcam number 663 - set in the Kievskiy district of Odessa at the crossroads ave. Marshal Zhukov and st. 25th Chapayev Division.
Direction: Tolbukhina St.
Odessa webcams Webcam number 664 - set at Malinovsky District, Schorsa Street, near the Independence Square.
DirectionAkademika Filatova Street
вебкамера Одесса Webcam number 665 - set in the Primorsky district of the city at Malaya Arnautskaya Street.
Direction: Kanathaya Street

As cities grow and expand, so will urban transportation systems - increasing traffic congestion, threatening safety, wasting commuter time and valuable fuel, and impacting the environment. And cities are where traffic flows – cars, buses, subways and trams epitomize city life.

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