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01.11.2012 13:17

In the rain on the Avenue of Akademika Palladina a traffic accident occurred.

Ignoring the wet and slippery road, the route of «Bogdan» quickly rushes along the Avenue. One direction of rotation and the bus skidded on the wet road. Originaly Bogdan sharply veered across the movement (in the course of it crashed into the a trench breaker and a passenger car). And up to a full stop, he still five meters drove sideways forward.

Drivers, be very careful and cautious when driving in adverse weather conditions, steadily observe the speed mode, a safe distance and the rules of maneuvering.

A few tips for driving in poor visibility conditions (rain, fog, etc.):

  • Need to move with the included dipped beam or the front fog lamps;
  • In conditions of fog drivers to reduce speed and to increase the distance to vehicles moving ahead;
  • Avoid from risky маневрирований, which under unfavourable weather conditions can lead to dangerous consequences;
  • If the need arises to stop, the rate of decrease gradually. At the stop turn on the roadside.

The drivers! Don't forget that depends on you, not only your life, but the lives of others on the road.