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04.02.2012 10:04

Mediamobile, which provides real-time traffic data in France, the Nordics and Poland has announced it is integrating Floating Cellular Data from wireless operator Orange France.

The two companies have worked together in the last two years to leverage anonymous data from the 26 million mobile subscribers on the Orange network in France.

Analyzing speed and density of mobile probes they have built a model that enrich the other sources already used by Mediamobile such as one million Floating car data probes and others such as governmental, cities, motorway operators, etc. With these mobile probes Mediamobile will be able to offer more coverage, precision and reliability to ist customers.

It has been a very long and tenuous road for Orange to get this service right. Back in 2008) the wireless operator was claiming to be fine tuning its service for delivery in...2009.

News category: Technology