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09.06.2011 11:48

Traffic police of the capital requests to respond to witnesses an accident which occurred on June 8 this year.

Unidentified vehicle knocked down a 43-year-old man. The driver fled the scene.

In 22 hours, 35 minutes. on the ring road, opposite the bus stop State Farm "Sovky" (Svyatoshinsky district), an unidentified vehicle hit a man. After that, the driver did not stop, left the scene. As a result of pedestrian accidents was an open head injury, closed injury of chest and abdomen, a broken right leg and was hospitalized.

The actions of the driver finds no violation of § 2.10 SDA (in becoming involved in an accident the driver must immediately stop the vehicle and remain at the scene).

Metropolitan Traffic Police turns to road users with a request to provide information on the hotline 483-70-64 (work hours) in cases of conflict situations on the road, and in all cases where the traffic police can help. Also started working the phone for SMS messages: (063) 7682020.